Original Equipment Wheels or Original Equipment Manufacturer Wheels, commonly referred to as OE or OEM wheels are original rims produced exclusively for vehicle manufacturers. Reproductions Wheels has created replicas of these OE/OEM rims with increased options that allow for additional sizing, finishes and offsets. Reproduction means “non-OEM” wheels designed by private third-party manufacturers. This gives our customers flexibility in creating a specific “look” for their vehicle. However, not all replicas are created equally. When it comes to quality, Reproduction Wheels has over 15 years of experience manufacturing the best in class replica wheels with the highest of standards. The attention to detail is exceptional throughout the entire manufacturing process. Each replica wheel offered by Reproduction Wheels, is compatible with OE TPMS sensors and is interchangeable with the OE centre cap. The wheel finishes are durable, easy to maintain and deliver the closest resemblance to stock OEM wheels. Reproduction Wheels prides itself on creating superior replica OE/OEM wheels while delivering unmatched customer service.