Reproduction Wheels for FORD FAIRLANE AU, BA, BF

Reproduction wheels have become a popular choice for owners of classic and late-model vehicles like the Ford Fairlane AU (1998-2002), BA (2002-2005), and BF (2005-2007) series. These wheels are designed to mimic the style of the original factory wheels or offer classic designs with modern manufacturing standards, allowing owners to maintain the authentic look of their vehicle while benefiting from today's technology in wheel production. Below is an overview of key considerations and options for selecting reproduction wheels for these Ford Fairlane models.

Key Considerations:

  • Compatibility: Ensure the reproduction wheels are specifically designed for the AU, BA, and BF Fairlane models. Compatibility with the vehicle’s bolt pattern (5x114.3), center bore (70.7mm), and suitable offset (typically +26mm to +36mm) is crucial for a proper fit and to avoid issues with installation and vehicle performance.

  • Material: Most reproduction wheels are made from alloys, which provide an excellent balance between strength, weight, and aesthetics. Alloy wheels can offer improved performance and handling compared to the heavier steel wheels originally found on some older models.

  • Design and Finish: Reproduction wheels are available in various designs and finishes, allowing owners to choose a look that best matches their vehicle's style or their personal preference. From classic polished or chrome finishes to more modern matte or gloss black, there’s a wide range of options to complement the Fairlane's appearance.

  • Size Options: While sticking to original dimensions is common (typically 16 to 18 inches in diameter for these models), some reproduction wheels might offer a wider range of sizes. Opting for larger diameters can modernize the look of the vehicle, but it's important to consider potential impacts on handling, ride comfort, and speedometer accuracy.

  • Certification and Quality: Look for reproduction wheels that meet or exceed Australian standards (if applicable) and international quality certifications. High-quality reproductions will ensure safety, durability, and fitment comparable to OEM specifications.


  1. Consult Specialists: Speak with specialists in reproduction wheels or Ford Fairlane enthusiasts and clubs for recommendations on reputable brands and specific models that best suit the Fairlane AU, BA, and BF.

  2. Verify Specifications: Double-check the wheel specifications against your Fairlane model to ensure a perfect match. Considerations should include not just fitment, but also the intended use of the vehicle (e.g., daily driving, show car, performance upgrades).

  3. Consider Aesthetics vs. Performance: Decide whether you’re looking for a wheel that offers a period-correct appearance or if you’re leaning towards improving performance. Sometimes, you can find a balance between both, but it's important to prioritize your needs.

  4. Invest in Quality: While it might be tempting to opt for the cheapest option, investing in high-quality reproduction wheels can save money and headaches in the long run due to better durability and fitment.


Reproduction wheels for the Ford Fairlane AU, BA, and BF series can significantly enhance the vehicle's aesthetics while maintaining or even improving upon the original performance specifications. By carefully selecting wheels that meet the specific requirements of these models, owners can enjoy the classic look of their Fairlane with the benefits of modern wheel technology.