FPV Wheels for Sale Direct to Public

For all the Ford Falcon lovers out there, we provide FPV wheels for sale so you can customise. Our wheels include varying size options, wheel options, and wheel finishes, and they come in a plastic ABS colour. For all your FPV wheel needs, trust Reproduction Wheels.

About Our Options for Replica FPV Wheels

Before you decide to buy our FPV wheels or FPV rims for sale, consider the following:

  • Our wheels suit all Ford Falcon, Ford Fairmont, and Ford Fairlane vehicles. You’re sure to find the option you need with us.
  • We make the wheels with larger Brembo brake clearance for Ford performance vehicles.
  • These wheels suit OE (Original Equipment) nuts.
  • These wheels are all hub-centric on your car.

Place Your Online Orders for FPV Wheels and Rims Today

Our online storefront makes getting the FPV wheels and rims you want an easy task. Simply browse our selection, click on the items you want, add them to your cart, and check out. Additionally, we offer Zip Pay for those who want their products now but can only pay later.