HSV VE VF Wheels for Sale Direct to the Public

If you’re looking for HSV wheels for sale, we have the selection for you. Our Holden Special Vehicles selection includes options for size, wheel type, colour, and even finish. At Reproduction Wheels, we believe in making your wheel purchases a simple task.

What to Expect from Our HSV Rims for Sale

Our selection of replica HSV wheels includes the following:

  • Varying Sizes. We can provide wheels to suit both 19-inch and 20-inch requirements, making them big enough to have clearance for HSV brakes.
  • Finishes. Our finishes include black machined, gloss black, dark stainless, shadow chrome, and grey machined.
  • Colours. You can expect two options for colour, including grey black and yellow.
  • Additional Features. You can also filter our wheels with additional features such as being Brembo brake compatible, being staggered, or even by entire wheel and tyre packages.

You should note that our HSV wheels are also interchangeable with OE (Original Equipment) Caps and will suit OE nuts. You might require hub-locating rings for certain wheel designs and fitments.

Order Your New Wheels and Rims Today

Browse our convenient online store and order the HSV rims and wheels you want with the click of a button. We can deliver Australia-wide and provide a range of prices to accommodate any budget.