Reproduction Wheels for FORD FALCON Models AU, BA, BF, FG

Reproduction wheels offer Ford Falcon owners a unique opportunity to either restore their vehicle to its original specifications or enhance its appearance and performance while respecting its heritage. Suitable for the AU (1998-2002), BA (2002-2005), BF (2005-2008), and FG (2008-2014) models, these wheels are manufactured with modern materials and techniques but are designed to echo the style and fitment of original equipment manufacturer (OEM) wheels or to offer classic designs that complement the vehicle's aesthetics. Here's a concise overview for those considering reproduction wheels for their Ford Falcon, across these model years.

Compatibility & Sizing:

  • Bolt Pattern: The essential bolt pattern for these Falcon models is 5x114.3mm, a standard that must be matched to ensure proper wheel fitment.
  • Center Bore: A center bore size of 70.5mm is typical, necessary for aligning the wheel precisely on the vehicle’s hub to avoid vibration.
  • Offset: A suitable offset for these models varies but generally falls within the +26mm to +30mm range, crucial for proper wheel alignment within the wheel arches, maintaining good handling and avoiding any rubbing against the suspension or bodywork.
  • Wheel Size: Original diameters range from 16 inches (more common in earlier models like the AU) up to 19 inches in later models such as the FG. While many opt to match the OEM size, others may choose larger diameters for a more contemporary look, taking care to ensure correct fitment.

Material & Design:

  • Material: Most reproduction wheels for the Falcon series are made of alloys, favored for their blend of lightweight properties, strength, and aesthetic versatility. Alloys help improve handling and acceleration by reducing unsprung mass.
  • Design Options: From designs that mimic OEM wheels to those that offer a nod to classic styling, reproduction wheels can significantly impact a vehicle's appearance. Finishes range from polished, chrome, to matte or gloss painted surfaces, allowing for personalization.

Quality & Safety:

  • Standards and Certification: Opt for wheels that meet or exceed Australian and international quality and safety standards, ensuring they are capable of withstanding road conditions without compromising safety.
  • Reputable Manufacturers: Choosing wheels from well-known and respected manufacturers in the reproduction market can make a significant difference in terms of quality, durability, and fitment accuracy.

Installation & Additional Considerations:

  • Professional Fitment: To guarantee safety and optimal performance, professional installation of reproduction wheels is recommended, including precise balancing and alignment.
  • Tyre Compatibility: Upgrading or changing wheel sizes may necessitate new tyres to match. Ensure the new setup maintains the vehicle's handling characteristics and does not interfere with the speedometer accuracy.
  • Aesthetic vs. Performance Priorities: Your choice in reproduction wheels should reflect whether you value a classic, original look or if performance and handling improvements are your goal. It's possible to find a balance, but priorities will guide your selection.


For Ford Falcon enthusiasts looking to enhance their AU, BA, BF, or FG models, reproduction wheels present an appealing option. They allow for the maintenance of the vehicle’s classic look or the introduction of a more personalized or updated appearance without sacrificing the original design ethos. Careful consideration of fitment specifications, material and design preferences, and adherence to quality standards will ensure that your Falcon stands out for all the right reasons.