Made to Order HSV VN Group A SS Replica Wheel - Forged Monoblock

Revitalize your Holden Commodore with our premium HSV VN Group A SS SV Silver replica wheels, meticulously crafted in Forged Monoblock Construction. Tailored to perfection, these wheels are available in three sizes: 17, 19, and 20 inches, offering a range of Offset options to suit your preferences. The Classic Silver finish not only exudes timeless elegance but also complements retro Holden Commodores flawlessly. Embrace customization with made-to-order wheel specs, ensuring your vehicle stands out with a personalized touch. Please allow 75 days from order to delivery, as we prioritize precision and quality in every step of the process. Elevate your ride's aesthetic and performance seamlessly with our HSV VN Group A SS SV Silver replica wheels.